500 Watt Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer Regulator
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Product Description

BRAND NEW ATVR-500 Watt Delux Automatic Voltage Converter With Regulator 110 / 220 Volts

The ATVR Series Step Up / Step Down Voltage Regulator (Stabilizer) Transformers have previously been employed by every branch of the military, other government agencies, and large corporations to provide a stable source of power for all major appliances and sensitive electronics. Now we are able to provide them for all consumers who have a need for their unique power regulating capabilities. Each model is CE approved and certified.

In addition to converting 220/230/240 volts to 110/120 volts and visa versa, these voltage regulator transformers will stabilize either 120 volts or 220 volts. What that means is they will provide stabilized 120 volts when the input is 120 as well as providing a constant stabilized 220 volts when the input is 220/230/240 volts. The input parameters for stabilization (regulation) of power are 80 volts 140 volts and 120 volts 240 volts. The output is stabilized to either 110 volts or 220 volts +/- 4%.

This step up / step down voltage regulator voltage converters have a time delay feature that reduces. Certain large appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, etc. which contain motors and compressors can be damaged at start-up when used with standard step up / step down transformers. The manual adjusting time-delay feature of these ATVR voltage converters can help protect appliances that could be damaged by delaying or reducing the current temporarily to an acceptable level and increases gradually as the appliance starts up. It provides a type of surge and sag protection. These features can also help protect certain types of electronic equipment also.

Step Up/Down Transformer with Voltage Regulator (Stabilizer)

Power Converter /Transformer
  • Changes 220/240 Volt (Foreign Electricity) to 110/120 Volt (U.S. Electricity)
  • Also can change 110/120 Volt (U.S. Electricity) to 220/240 Volt (Foreign Electricity)


  • Two (2) calibrated voltage meters: Input and Output Voltage
  • Lighted power switch
  • Input voltage switch
  • Heavy-duty circuit breakers rated to 415 volts
  • Metal housing with oversized rubber platform feet
  • Unit Working indicator light
  • Time Delay switch. Delay feature acts as a type of surge and spike protector by delaying the introduction of the current so it slowly enters the system.
  • Delay Engaged light
  • Protection light
  • 110 V. Output light
  • Heavy-duty carrying handles
  • Input 80 140 and 120 240 volts
  • Accuracy Output Regulation +/- 4%
  • Universal Output Receptacle
  • Recommended Maximum Load: 80% of capacity

BRAND NEW ATVR-500 Watt Delux Automatic Voltage Converter With Regulator 110 / 220 Volts

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